[WordPress][ネタ]「Twitter Bootstrap でモバイルテーマを組んでみたので、いろいろとまとめてみた 」など5本

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Twitter Bootstrap でモバイルテーマを組んでみたので、いろいろとまとめてみた * ラクイシロク

本ブログのモバイル版テーマ(iPhone, Android 等で見た時に表示される)を Twitter Bootstrap で実装してみました。

myWPexpert.com Announces Plans to Release Free WordPress Troubleshooting Guide

WordPress, the popular website and blog building software, now powers 48 of the top 100 blogs in the world, and the list is growing.

WordPress Friend Finder Uses Facebook To Find Blogging Friends | WebProNews

WordPress has used social networking integration for quite some time now. I use it on my own personal blog to point people in the direction of my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. WordPress, however, figures that this information could be put to a better use – finding friends who also use WordPress.

25 Remarkable Examples of WordPress Websites

Are you aware that the features making WordPress so popular for bloggers actually may be quite useful as a CMS for anyone building a website, e.g. a news portal (using a WordPress News Theme)? Actually WordPress is silently serving a lot of websites that have nothing to do with blogging at all and I think the number will be …

Sara Rasmussen: Top 5 Tech Tools for Student Journalists

Have you heard? The journalism industry is in crisis.

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