[Google+][ネタ]「Google+ For Business」など4本

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Google+ For Business

At the moment, while there are millions of people with Google+ accounts, the number of those who actively use them are in the minority.

6 Content Marketing Tips For Google+

For me, getting more comfortable on Google+ meant settling in, adjusting to site-specific features, and finding different ways to attract my audience.

Google News Blog: Updates to Google News US Edition: Larger Images, Realtime Coverage and Discussions

When a story breaks, Google News is designed to give you the most relevant articles from a variety of sources

Google News Now Integrates Google+ Content | WebProNews

Google has integrated Google+ into another one of their products: Google News. As of today, you can now see content from your Google+ circles in “Top Stories” as well as the all new realtime coverage section.

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