[Debian][ネタ]「Linux Mint Debian 201204 Xfce review」など5本

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Linux Mint Debian 201204 Xfce review

Linux Mint Debian is the line of desktop distributions from the developers of Linux Mint that is based on Debian. For the record, Linux Mint Debian is different from Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu Desktop.

A look at Linux Mint Debian Edition | TechRepublic

The primary version of Linux Mint uses Ubuntu as its source, but to think that it is the only source would be wrong; there’s also the Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE).

Debian XSF News #11

Anyway, here are some quick news from the X packaging front, focussing on the past few weeks.

Eagle’s Path: Debian private repositories (2012-04-30)

Earlier this year, I switched Stanford’s internal repositories from an old debarchiver setup that didn’t do repository signing to something more modern and secure built on top of reprepro.

Linux Mint Debian – YouTube

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