[Emacs][ネタ]「Coverage tool visibility within emacs」など5本

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Coverage tool visibility within emacs

Emacs Guide

In this chapter, you examine Emacs, a powerful and popular text editor. You look at many of the features available in Emacs, and explore how you can use it to enhance your text development efforts whether you are working on simple text documents, managing a web server, or writing complex programs.

Haskell IDEs; Emacs, Vim and Sublime, Oh My! Opinions welcome : haskell

What started as a feature discussion turned into a discussion of SublimeText and of Haskell editors in the whole.

EmacsでTwitter。「Twittering-mode」 – 日々


Emacs の ctags でのタグジャンプノメモ – 牌語備忘録 – pygo

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