[Google+][ネタ]「What Do Photographers Want Next from Google+?」など17本

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What Do Photographers Want Next from Google+? – SocialTimes

The Google+ Photographer’s Conference took place a few days ago, and there was a panel who answered the question: “What do you want next from G+?”

Goodbye Google+ People & Pages, Hello Knowledge Graph Box

Google’s Knowledge Graph has claimed its first “victim,” if you will: The content box that showed “People and Pages On Google+” is gone. In its place?

Google’s Secret Weapon for Social: Your Photos – Businessweek

Somehow Trey Ratcliff must have missed the memo. Google+ is supposed to be a ghost town, if you believe numerous stories published over the past couple of months, but Ratcliff has been using the social network extensively to connect with fans and photo geeks alike.

Google+ Is from Mars, Pinterest Is from Venus | WebProNews

Looking into what types of people use what types of social media sites – and for what purposes.

Google injects more Google+ features into Gmail

As Google continues to integrate more Google+ features within various products, Gmail users now have access to a wider range of social information in the Web version of the email interface.

Fab steps up social, dumps Google+ for Pinterest — Tech News and Analysis

Fab is taking social to the next level, but Google+ isn’t coming along for the ride.

Google+ not doing too well, according to new study | WinBeta

A new Google+ study has revealed that the social network has received minimal social activity and features weak user engagement. According to Fast Company and their exclusive insights, Google+ is a virtual ghost town. But Google continues to argue otherwise.

More Google+ In Gmail: Improved Circle Integration, Circle Search and Quick Access To Contact Details | TechCrunch

The folks over at Google just love their Google+ social network and more and more Google+ features have been creeping into Gmail lately as well.

MediaPost Publications Google+ No Rival To Facebook On Android 05/18/2012

Facebook’s app and Web site were used by nearly three-quarters of U.S. Android smartphone users in March, making it the most popular social-networking property on the Google platform. N

Google+ Is Better Than Facebook | Matthew Murray | PCMag.com

Scheduled to have its initial public offering tomorrow, Facebook is in an enviable position regardless of whether you care more about business or technology.

20 Reasons To Switch To Google Plus | inspirationfeed.com

Google’s answer to Facebook recently surpassed 100 million users. This is a great achievement considering Google’s previous history with failing social networks.

Google+: Still not as interesting as Pinterest, new study finds | The Raw Story

Comparing public user engagement suggests that Google+ is still a niche pursuit, despite Google claiming it has 170 million people signed up – while Pinterest’s attraction remains high.

Gmail、Google+統合を進めてメール検索強化 | ネット | マイナビニュース


Google、GmailのGoogle+との連係を強化 検索結果にプロフィールを表示 – ITmedia ニュース


これもうきっとGoogle+ガイドブック(仮):書評・ブックレビュー +Plus One World

+1ボタンからGoogle+にウェブページを共有する際にサムネイル画像が選択可能に | Over the Vertex of Technology by 朝山貴生

Elgan: How I publish from Google+ – Computerworld

I use only Google+, yet my posts appear on Twitter, Facebook and more. Here’s how I do it.

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