[Debian][ネタ]「Raspberry Pi hands-on and Eben Upton interview at Maker Faire」など11本

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Raspberry Pi hands-on and Eben Upton interview at Maker Faire (video) – Engadget

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about the Raspberry Pi by now – a $25 credit-card sized PC that brings ARM/Linux to the Arduino form factor.

Is the Raspberry Pi lost on the iGeneration?

Last week I wrote a quick post about the tiny Raspberry Pi, wondering aloud what people might do with such a cheap barebones computer. I have a review unit on loan from element14 which I’m putting through its paces and writing up for the paper.

World’s ‘simplest’ Linux laptop reaches the UK – ComputerworldUK.com

French firm Ordissimo is bringing “the world’s simplest laptop” to the UK, a small family of Linux-based computers aimed at the population of holdouts who find conventional PCs and the online world that comes with it too complex to bother with.

Linux Today – Debian Administrator’s Handbook published – and Freed

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook is now available in several formats
and from several sources

Snort.org Blog: Snort Install Guide for Debian 6.0.5 posted!

debianでzncいれてみる – 雑想空間

Installing MariaDB and mod_ruid2 on Debian Squeeze

Koha 3.8 on Debian Squeeze – Koha Wiki

KVM on Debian Squeeze – My Notes

Debian リファレンス – おなかすいたWiki!

MySQL5.5をdebianにインストールする at softelメモ

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