Ubuntu 12.10 KVM serverでvirt-installを使う方法.他

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Installing KVM Guests With virt-install On Ubuntu 12.10 Server | HowtoForge – Linux Howtos and Tutorials

The difference between virt-install and vmbuilder is
that vmbuilder is for creating Ubuntu-based guests,
whereas virt-install lets you install all kinds of operating systems
(e.g. Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD)
and distributions in a guest, just like virt-manager.
This article shows how you can use it on an Ubuntu 12.10 KVM server.

Daily Dot | The top 10 most influential Twitter users of 2012

Here, the Daily Dot spotlights the 10 people we
felt were most influential in shaping the conversation on Twitter in 2012.

the Daily Dotが注目する2012年Twitterで切れのある発言をして


Follow This: 16 Twitter Stars To Add To Your Feed Now | Fast Company

So Fast Company editors put their heads together
and compiled some of our favorite feeds.
Here’s who to follow in 2013 if you want to:

Fast Companyの編集者が選ぶ2013年にフォローしたい


Desktop Reddit App ‘Reditr’ Available for Ubuntu | OMG! Ubuntu!

Desktop Reddit app ‘Reditr’ has been packaged up
for Ubuntu and made available for download.

デスクトップRedditアプリ‘Reditr’はUbuntuのパッケージに なっていてダウンロードして利用できます.

emacsの正規表現をもっと便利に使う – $shibayu36->blog;



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