Google+ネタ(2013-6-2(Sun))「Google+で使える15のショートカットキー機能まとめ | キャリア | マイナビニュース」他

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Google+で使える15のショートカットキー機能まとめ | キャリア | マイナビニュース


“新しい働き方”のための「職」と「食」をつなげる 「TOKYO CO-WORKING SOCIAL CLUB on Google+ ローカル 」発足 – MSN産経ニュース

“新しい働き方”のための「職」と「食」をつなげるプロジェクト『TOKYO CO-WORKING SOCIAL CLUB』(略称=TCSC)が発足。

Google+: Why it Hasn’t Been a Success & How Google is Pushing It | Pyxl Blog

While generally classified as a social media site, Google is adamant that Google+ is more than a place for networking and video chats.

White House plans Google+ hangout about asteroids today | FLORIDA TODAY |

The Obama Administration isn’t ringing any alarm bells about a close encounter today with a gigantic asteroid.

Asteroid 1998 QE2: NASA Plans Google+ Hangout

As asteroid 1998 QE2 approaches its closest point with Earth today, NASA officials are preparing for a Google+ hangout. The huge rock will pass by at a safe distance of 3.6 million miles this afternoon at 4:59 p.m. Eastern

Google Authorship 101 | Business 2 Community

Last week I talked about the 6 things to focus on when marketing your brand or product on the internet.

Google I/O 2013 Developer Blitz With Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins Watch Full Series Now | SiliconANGLE

At its recently concluded I/O developers conference, Google introduced various updates to its social networking platform.

Social Is Not A Destination – Forbes

There has been much discussion recently about the relatively poor performance of Facebook in the stock market and the increasing focus Google GOOG in its existing services.

The New Google Maps Is A Social Network In Disguise – Forbes

The new version of Google Maps, which debuted at Google GOOG +0.06% I/O and will be rolling out via an invitation system in the coming weeks, is another leap forward for the cartographical gold standard.

The social network wars are over. The winner: email! – Computerworld

Email is old and in decline. Chat, texting and social networks are how people interact now, right?

We the Geeks Google+ Hangout on Asteroids – YouTube

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