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Twitter Logo / Adriano Gasparri

Twitter、リスト機能を強化–作成可能なリストの数が1000に増加 – CNET Japan


Twitter、日本でも「公認製品プログラム」を開始 – CNET Japan

Twitter Japanは、SNS「Twitter」のAPIやデータを活用したソリューションを提供することで、企業のTwitter利用を促進しているパートナーを認定する「Twitter公認製品プログラム」を日本でも開始した。

Twitter、プラットフォーム担当ディレクターのR・サーバー氏が退職へ – CNET Japan

Twitterのプラットフォーム担当ディレクターを務めるRyan Sarver氏は米国時間5月31日、同社を去ることを明らかにした。Twitterは既に後任を探している。

Analysis of Multimedia Shared in Millions of Tweets After Tornado (Updated) | iRevolution

Humanitarian organizations and emergency management offices are increasingly interested in capturing multimedia content shared on social media during crises.

Twitter’s idenity crisis – May. 31, 2013

Twitter has never had a big problem attracting users to its service.

Twitter tactics: networks loosen control over social media – New Model Adviser®

Moves by Financial Ltd and Tenet to review their social media policies have thrown light on the difficulties encountered by networks and nationals in coping with the regulatory demands surrounding the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

Twitter may become advertising broadcast medium: Study

Washington: Popular social media and microblogging site Twitter may soon turn into a broadcast medium like television or radio with the users merely reading the tweets rather than posting their own tweet messages, a recent study has revealed.

Twitter Is Launching An Ad Exchange – Business Insider

Twitter will launch an ad exchange in which buyers will be able to “retarget” users with ads, according to Ad Age.

Why Twitter users won’t ‘follow’ new security rule – MarketWatch

Last month, hackers posted a tweet from the AP’s account — “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured” — sending the Dow plunging 145 points.

Twitter is about to change the news media – again | Michael Wolff | Comment is free |

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the recent job posting for a news chief at Twitter – someone who would coordinate Twitter’s relationships with the news industry and, as well, help the company conceive of its place and identity as a part of the news business.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards Let Advertisers Collect Email Addresses – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Select advertisers can now build their email marketing list right in Twitter. The “Lead Generation Card” is a new feature in Twitter’s advertising arsenal, and allows users to share their emails with brands in a tweet.

Smart investors are social-media savvy

Many investors have a hard enough time reading 10-Ks and keeping up with corporate earnings releases. Now they’re going to have to monitor Facebook and Twitter, too.

Tuning in to tweets for trading success

Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or more of a niche platform, interacting through social media has become a big part of the way we organise our lives and access information. But can it make you money?

Twitter Lead Generation Cards: This Week in Social Media | Social Media Examiner

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

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